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When you have a 17yr old that Graduates early and wants to move to Nashville, 600 miles away from home to pursue a music career, what do you do? You call Chris Mannino. Chris is someone who immediately makes you feel comfortable and trusting. We have rented two condos from Chris. After 18 months of renting, Chris sold us a condo in the same building…..sight unseen. We made all the transactions via phone and email! I finally met Chris, 14 months after our first phone conversation. So when I say to you, “You can have complete FAITH and TRUST in Chris Mannino,” you can! Chris also has gone above and beyond the call of duty the day my daughter had a car wreck. When I called, he dropped everything and stayed at the hospital until he knew she was okay and I was on a plane. I can honestly say not only is he a Fabulous Realtor, but now a great friend.

– Lisa Davis