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My family and I had just relocated to the Nashville area, and were looking to buy a house. We had all kinds of questions about the area. Chris Mannino was able to answer these questions and steer us in the right direction. Chris endured the frustration of dealing with my wife and I through several months of a grueling house hunt. I would venture to say that 95 percent of all real estate agents would have washed their hands of us and not dealt with us ever again, but Chris showed extreme professionalism and patience in dealing with a trying situation. Chris was there for us every step of the way and made us feel very comfortable in the home buying process, which was a different process than we were used to. Chris is definitely someone I would recommend to anyone needing to purchase or sell a house. I feel like it was a stroke of luck to find such a knowledgeable and professional agent.

– Danny Fuller, Infrastructure Manager – Acs Inc