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Buying Your Next Home

Most sellers will be purchasing another home to replace the one they are selling. Whether you’re moving locally or out of state, we are here to help.
Buying your new home locally

There are many things to consider when purchasing a replacement home once your home goes under contract. Will you be able to purchase the next home without your current home closing? If not, like most, contingencies must be put in place in your purchase contract to protect you in the event your current home either has delays in closing or fails to close. At Mannino Properties, we are well versed in Tennessee contracts and will guide you through the process.
Buying your new home our of state or out of the country
Selecting a professional out of state or out of country real estate agent can be a daunting task. At Mannino Properties, we have a network of agents we work with world wide that can assist you. We will find an agent that meets your individual needs and price point to assist you with your next purchase and will follow you and that agent through the entire process from beginning to closing.